Raspberry ‘Heritage’


Rubus idaeus var. strigosus ‘Heritage’

Everbearing red raspberry with self-supporting canes that produce large, sweet, firm, dark red berries. Self-pollinating.

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A deciduous, everbearing red raspberry with strong upright, self-supporting canes.  Produces large, sweet, firm, dark red berries that are wonderful when eaten fresh, frozen, or made into jams. An everbearing variety with a small summer crop and robust fall crop. Self Pollinating.

Raspberries prefer well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Self-pollinating varieties will produce fruit on their own, but will fruit more abundantly with other varieties present.

  • USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 4-8
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Spacing: 3-4′
  • Fruiting Time(s): Summer & Fall

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1 qt, 1 gal